Monday, 16 December 2013

Stuff I Love: Craft Show Roundup - 30 Craft Market, Dec 2013

If you follow Artisan 82 on Facebook, you know I have been participating in both December events for Peterborough, Ontario's 30 Craft Market.  This market provides high-quality and unique handmade goods all priced under $30.  While I was selling at this show, it was impossible to resist picking up a few things myself.  These are my favourite finds, all from sellers who you can access online.

I grabbed these little coin purses for my girls from The Little Bird Designs by Aimee Leptick.  Not only does Amiee have exceptional taste in fabric, she sells at I-can't-believe-I-only-paid-that-much-for-something-handmade prices.  Her workmanship is impeccable.  Look - those tiny coin purses are fully lined!  She sells online here.

My photo, product by The Little Bird Designs

I'm also the proud new owner of this handmade weighted hula hoop (adult fitness hoop) from Basia of Super Hoops.  My ribs are aching today from what I can only assume is horrible hooping technique - but I'm still practicing.  It's so silly and fun to hoop, and the turquoise leopard print hoop wrapping just seals the deal for me. Check out Hula Hooping with Basia! if you're interested in learning more about hula hooping.

My photo, product by Basia Baklinski of Super Hoops

I had the great good fortune to have my table located beside Heathyr Francis of Pin Studios whose nature-inspired raku ceramics are only surpassed by her sense of humour.  Heathyr and partner Colin made this awesome toad house.  I'm still drooling over the palette of the raku glaze. UhhHHHhhrghhuuuhh... so pretty... I'm glad there's currently a foot of snow on the ground outside, because I can't bear to put this beauty in the garden just yet.
My photo, product by Colin Hoag and Heathyr Francis of Pin Studios.

Two of the best things about selling at these local craft markets are meeting the other crazy craftspeople and checking out their wares.  30 Craft Market was a wonderful place to do both.  What are your favourite craft market finds?

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