Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eye Candy - DoverPictura

Wow folks, this morning I stumbled across a site via another blog that I follow that I think is going to be my new best friend of the internet. DoverPictura is eye candy for image addicts.

As their tag line states, DoverPictura is an online source for "Rare, Unique and Exotic Digital Image Collections" that are royalty and/or copyright free.  Their collection is HUGE and covers a multitude of interests/ subjects  from Angels to Warcraft and anything you could imagine in between.
                             Cropped Screenshots via

For a very reasonable fee, you can download either an entire 'book' of images or selected image sheets. Then you can either use the images as a source of inspiration, or use them directly - because they're royalty free y'all!!

My immediate favourite 'books' included:

(that jaunty little dog in the hat and coat kills me!)

Think this site couldn't any more awesome? Well, they have a blog for crafty ideas on how to play with their images. Hello, amazing! What do you think? I'd love to hear some of your favourites!

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