Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tutorial: Delicate Stacking Bracelets

You know those stacking rings?  Well these are the bracelet version of stacking rings... or maybe even a more refined version of friendship bracelets.  I don't know.  I do love these right now and they're so simple to make, it almost doesn't even warrant making a tutorial.  But here goes...

The stuff you'll need:  Some beads (not pictured), an eye pin and clasp, wire cutters, pliers (round-nose or needle-nose), and some chain.  A broken necklace would make a few bracelets.  I used a spool of chain from the craft supply store.  
 At about $5 for 2m (6ft) of chain, plus $3 for 100 eye pins, you can make a crap-ton of bracelets for only a little cash.

Thread the beads on the eye pin.  Bend up the end and use the pliers to curl a loop into the end.

Use the wire cutters to cut two lengths of chain.  Use pliers to open the loops on the eye pin. Loop one length of chain onto each end of the beaded eye pin and close those loops.

Use your fingers and thumbs to arc the eye pin a bit.  The curve in the eye pin makes it sit on your wrist nice.

Put on the clasp.  Done...

...err, unless you decide to bust out the bead stash and make a whole pile.  Change the look by switching the metal colour or by using cord or wire instead of chain..

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