Thursday, 11 October 2012

On my desk: Forest Themed Sketches

I'm madly working on painting a pile of pine furniture as stock for the "Nick of Time' show at the Buckhorn Community Centre.  (Oh yeah! Buckhorn! What!) Here's a peek at what's on my desk these days:

A quick test of materials.  This won't be a finished project, I'm just making sure that the different products I'm using are compatible.  The birch panel gives me a (cheaper) surface to practice on that is similar to the pine furniture.  

Work in progress on the back panel of a little storage bench. 

... and some more drawings I'm working on for more furniture.  At various points that poor little deer has looked like a goat and a lamb.  I think it's still a little lamb-like... might be the legs... going to have to tweak that methinks. 

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